How to wash your Vegetables and Fruits?

Farmers use a lot of pesticides to protect the produce from pests and other fertilizers and chemicals to enhance the produce. Unfortunately, they are not washed thoroughly and make way to our kitchens.

Many of us do not pay much attention to wash the vegetables and fruits we buy. Most of us usually just wash it with tap water and assume it’s clean, but that’s not the case. Here’s the thing, water and friction work GREAT for removing many pesticide residues, dirt, and some bacteria from fruits and vegetables and is an appropriate cleaning method for produce that will be cooked. But, rinsing with water won’t remove all harmful bacteria, especially on delicate produce like leafy greens or berries which won’t hold up to scrubbing and it doesn’t take much harmful bacteria to make you sick. Thus, taking a little extra time to use an effective fruit and vegetable wash can indeed make a big difference.
But there are few basic ways by which you can reduce the effect of all these harmful bacteria and hazardous pesticides, like, Salt water, one can boil water and simply add couple spoon of salt to and dip those vegetables and fruits in it for few minutes and then rewash it with normal water, salt basically open small pores of the veggies and fruits so that the dirt in between those pore and be taken out by the hot water.
Another method is, one can take normal or Luke warm water add couple spoon of white vinegar and another couple spoon of lemon juice and wash it with it thoroughly.

But a more efficient and easy way wash your vegetables is a Vegetable wash and what better Vegsafe Vegetable and Fruit wash by Ikon Remedies. Take about 2L of water and simply add 20 ml of Vegsafe vegetable wash in it, now dip your veggies and fruits in it and let it soak for 3-5 mins more and then just wash your veggies and done. Why Vegsafe? Because its super easy and most of all its extremely effective, it washes away all the harmful bacteria’s and pesticides and it leaves no after odor or taste, it keeps your veggies clean and healthy for safe consumption. It is made with 100% Food grade ingredients.