Clopican-A 75 | 150 Capsules

Clopidogrel 75 mg & Aspirin (EC) 150 mg
1 x 10 Tablets (Alu-Strip Pack)
  • Post Myocardial Infarction
  • Patients at high risk of CVD
  • Stroke / Cerebrovascular Diseases
  • Atrial Fibrillation
1 Tablet 1 to 2 times daily or as directed by Physician

Aspirin Capsules Suppliers in India

Aspirin is a salicylate (sa-LIS-il-ate). It works by reducing substances in the body that cause pain, fever, and inflammation. Aspirin is used to treat pain, and reduce fever or inflammation. It is sometimes used to treat or prevent heart attacks, strokes, and chest pain (angina).

Aspirin & Clopid Capsules Suppliers in India

Clopidogrel is used to prevent heart attacks and strokes in people with heart disease (recent heart attack), recent stroke, and circulatory disease (peripheral vascular disease).

It is also used with aspirin to treat new / worsening chest pain (new heart attack, severe angina) and to keep open blood vessels after certain operations (such as cardiac stent) and prevent blood clots.

Clopidogrel works by prohibiting platelets from sticking together and preventing harmful clots from formation. It’s an antiplatelets drug. This helps to keep the body’s blood flow smoothly.

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