Pearldew Baby Powder


We love babies and we, at Pearldew understand the needs of your baby’s soft and delicate skin.  Pearldew Baby Powder is a gentle and safe formulation that keeps the baby’s skin fresh, soft, supple, and free of unwanted moisture.

Pearldew Baby powder is a very thoughtful and innovative formulation enriched with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera, Avacado, Olive, Shea Butter, and Pine Bark which makes their skin soft & supple, and Tulsi & Pomegranate which protect the baby’s delicate skin from microbes & germs.

The sweat glands in babies are not fully developed and functional; hence, they are prone to sweat-related irritation, rashes, and blisters. Pearldew Baby powder prevents body odor and controls excess sweating and keeps your baby feeling fresh and comfortable.

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  • Helps eliminate friction & reduces irritation
  • Prevents nappy rash, olive oil soothes and protects babies skin from dryness.
  • Protect baby’s skin from excess moisture and leave it soft and smooth.
  • Keeps babies feeling fresh and playful.

Vitamin E


This vitamin is essential for healthy skin, as it is needed for cell protection and maintenance.


Tulsi contains anti-oxidants.

Aloe vera

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Aloe restores luster, hydrates, and soothes scalp and hair


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Neem leaf extract has potent anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-viral properties.

Avacado oil

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Avocado Oil

Makes skin supple, remove wrinkles, and make the skin look young and fresh. It controls and eliminates acne as well as keeps the skin moisturized


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Olive Oil

Penetrates deeply into the skin while providing a cleansing effect.

Shea Butter

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Shea butter helps in acne, burns, dandruff, dry skin, eczema, and many other conditions

Sprinkle Pearldew baby powder on your palm and gently smooth it on the baby’s body.  use after every bath and diaper change.