Pearldew Gulabjal Soap

Enriched with rose water & glycerine
150 gm Carton


For vibrant and petal soft skin

Pearldew Gulabjal Soap wraps your skin with unique blend of roses and leaves skin with delicate floral scent of blooming flowers. It instills a sense of harmony and spirituality. Gulabjal Soap adds a fragrant, refreshing touch to the skin. Gulabjal when mixed with glycerine creates an incomparably exquisite soap. It leaves the skin feeling refreshed for hours.

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  • Cools, relaxes and tones the body
  • This soap contains pure Gulabjal from Ajmer, famous for producing top quality Gulabjal
  • Leaves the skin hydrated & supple
  • Makes skin healthy and moisturized



A good choice for people who have particularly dry or sensitive skin. Such soaps have lower pH than other soaps, which helps the skin retain its natural moisture.

Rose Water

Rose Water

Imparts soothing refreshing fragrance to the soap. Help reduce the redness of irritated skin and aids in removing oil and dirt accumulated in clogged pores

Gently lather the soap on face and body for at least 3 minutes before rinsing. Use twice daily to keep skin clear, smooth and protected.