Vegsafe Vegetable Wash

Vegetable wash
Washing Fruit and Vegetable with simple water is not enough to remove toxin, VegSafe Vegetable & Fruit Wash ensures effective & natural cleansing for a healthy diet. VegSafe is Enriched with Neem, Tulsi, Lemon, Mint & Water It is free of preservatives, harsh chemicals. It leaves no residue on the vegetables & fruits, doesn’t leave any after taste or smell on them. It helps remove germs, bacteria and fungus from fruits and vegetables with 100% safe ingredients, it gives a hygienic shield to the fruits and vegetables. The solution is chlorine free, alcohol free and soap free which helps keep the fruits and vegetable naturally fresh and healthier for consumption
Enriched with Neem, Tulsi, Lemon, Mint & Water
Vegetable Wash
500 ml
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  • Kills 99.99% germs & bacteria’s & Cleans dirt, Soil, Pesticides, Waxes etc.
  • 100% Safe Ingredients, with natural action of Neem & Citrus Fruit Extracts
  • Provides Hygenic Shield to the fruits and vegetables & acts as Safeguard of our family’s Health.
  • No residue or smell left behind & after use, helps keep fruits and vegetables fresh.
  • No Harmful Preservatives | No Soap | No Chlorine | No Alcohol


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Take about 2L of water and simply add 20 ml of Vegsafe vegetable wash in it, now dip your veggies and fruits in it and let it soak for 3-5 mins more and then just wash your veggies and done