The side effects of working from home

The side effects of working from home

The novel coronavirus has changed everything overnight

A lockdown was imposed and social distancing became the new normal. Everyone is staying connected with their friends and family through video calls and schools have started having classes online. More than 3 billion people worldwide have been pushed to work from home. Work from home is the new normal and people have taken their time to get used to it. This may include not having a designated workplace or a proper work setup. Sitting in uncomfortable positions for long hours leads to problems such as back main, joint stiffness, shoulder stiffness and more, which push us to consume chemically manufactured pain relief supplement.
Not everyone of us have a home office or proper desk and chair to work on. We tend to find the most comfortable spot to work, sometimes the couch sometimes even the bed. Although it might seem comfortable, but the truth is it often triggers sore back, neck or shoulders. Not sitting at a table for work can worsen the condition resulting in persistent backache. The best way to avoid any kind of back or neck pain is to designate a workstation for yourself.
Often your sitting position might not give your back the ideal support it needs. People don’t realize it, but small support like rolling up a bath towel or placing a cushion at your lower back can work as an pain relief substitute.
Also, sitting in one place for long periods can also cause backaches. Movement is essential so taking a small walk every now and then can be a major help.

How to tackle back pain?

There are tons of things one can do to get rid of various body aches for example, Soaking your body in warm water can alleviate many forms of muscle pain and muscle spasm, Essential oils have long been valued for their analgesic effects in many cultures, Massage therapy is defined as the manipulation of soft tissues—muscles, tendons, and ligaments—through hands-on massage by a qualified massage therapist or something as simple as hot bag massage but other than these we have a, on the go fix for all types of body pain presented by Orthomol.
Orthomol is presenting Oil, Gel, Capsules and spray which is an apt answer for all types of body pain. The best part about these products are they are 100% natural and made with great knowledge of Ayurveda so you can be sure getting a 100% organic product.
Orthomol products are highly authentic product based on the great heritage of Ayurveda, the ancient Indian science of medicine & health. Orthomol products are specialized pain relief product, having unique combination of pure extracts derived from 13 vital herbs and bone nourishing ingredients.
Orthomol products work effectively on patients whose body movements are impaired, or whose joints are affected. Orthomol products are useful in chronic pain due to Arthritis, Sciatica and problems in the Joint. Orthomol products are an ideal combination of effective ayurvedic herbs, which relieve muscular pain and ensure proper blood circulation that help ease joint pain and stiffness. Orthomol is made with 100% natural ayurvedic herbs that have no side effects even after long term use.
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