Moxivion-B Eye Drops

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    Moxifloxacin Hydrochloride 0.5% w/v & Bromfenac Sodium 0.09% w/v
    Antibiotic | NSAID
    5 ml HDPE bottle in tray with flap cover in mono carton
    • Bacterial Conjunctivitis, Bacterial eye infections
    • Post-operative Inflammatory & Infective Conditions
    • Keratitis
    • Acute Bacterial exacerbation
    1 Drop three times a day for 7 days or as directed by Physician


    Product Description :

    Moxifloxacin + Bromfenac Sodium combination is used in bacterial infections and post-operative pain.

    Working Mechanism :

    Moxifloxacin & Bromfenac which treat eye infections. Bromfenac is a non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID). It works by blocking the release of certain chemical messengers that cause pain and inflammation (redness and swelling) in the eye. Moxifloxacin is an antibiotic. It kills bacteria by preventing them from reproducing and repairing themselves.